DU it! webinar with Adrien Fernandez

DU it! | Unboxing DEI: what it means for businesses and organizations

Thursday 14.9.2023 9 - 9.45 AM│Webinar


Guest speaker: Adrien Fernandez | deidei


Companies and brands, at least the successful ones, have always operated in interaction with the surrounding society.

Today, more than ever, consumers, customers, partners, employees and the media are paying close attention not only to products and services, but also to companies' and organizations’ communication, operating methods and the values that guide them. The most informed consumers will not settle for companies acting upon their values behind closed doors, but expect significant transparency and even active positioning and vocal statements on social phenomena and current events.

In a world where people’s individuality and equal rights are getting better acknowledged, there's a high demand for the expression of values such as diversity, equity, and inclusion. Abbreviated to the acronym DEI, these closely linked values refer to the fair treatment of individuals and groups of people regardless of their nationality, culture, ethnicity, religion, social status, gender, sexual orientation, age, abilities, neurodiversity etc.

Although Finland is said to be an island, according to a popular saying referring to its fairly distant geographical situation from the international markets, it’s no exception from this global evolution. Finnish companies, organizations and brands that aim to remain relevant in both domestic and international context, should therefore pause and reflect on how to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion in their strategy, and many already have.

Looking at our surroundings through the “DEI lens” is an impactful tool in any field, in making the working life more diverse, inclusive & equitable for all. Integrated in design-based work from product or service design to branding, marketing and communication, it can be seen to increase both wellbeing and competitiveness.

But where to start, and how to proceed? The Helsinki-based deidei is a specialized agency that helps companies and organizations to kick off, implement and accelerate their DEI journey. It counts trailblazer brands and organizations such as Rovio, Oatly, Four Reasons, We Foundation and Plan International Finland as their clients.

Adrien Fernandez, currently gaining experience within the deidei team of consultants, holds previous experience from product development and accessible design from Slush, one of the world’s leading startup and tech events held annually in Helsinki.

In this introductory talk on the subject matter, Adrien will share why it is so important for all professionals from freelancers to specialists and business-owners to adopt deidei’s guiding principle: normalizing diversity, striving for equity and building inclusion.

The DU it! -webinar series is produced in cooperation with the Creative Industries Growth Program FOB!, supported by the North Savo Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, the city of Kuopio and the Ladies' Association of Kuopio.


DU it! | Unboxing DEI: what it means for businesses and organizations


Thursday 14.9.2023. 9 - 9.45 AM│Webinar


Guest speaker: Adrien Fernandez | deidei

The webinar is free of charge and open to all upon registration. Please register before 14.9.2023 at 8.00 A.M.