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Kuopion Rouvasväenyhdistys ry

160 years for design

The Kuopio Academy of Design and Design Union are run by Kuopion Rouvasväenyhdistys, which is a significant cultural organization in Kuopio that was founded in 1860. Waking up to take social action, inspired by nationalism, was behind the creation of the organization.

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Academy of Design


Renown history

The Kuopio Academy of Design has a great tradition of teaching crafts and design for over 130 years. Our first craft school was founded in 1884 and a new craft school, the current Design Academies, in 2014.

Joy through design

Anyone interested in good design and craft education can study at our Design Academies. The teachers are professionals of crafts and design, and our teachers also feature visiting domestic and foreign teachers. Teaching also includes various tours and visits to places of interest. Our curriculum follows the history of Finnish design; the module that discusses design from the Stone Age to the future will be taught over three years.

Inspiring environment

Our teaching facilities are located in the beautiful Piispantalo, built in 1856, near the center of Kuopio.

Kuopio Academy of Design has groups for children, young people, adults and seniors.



Design Union


Eija Tanninen-Komulainen
Executive Director
tel. +358 44 731 8000
eija.tanninen-komulainen (at)
Samuli Heikkinen
Graphic Designer
tel. 044 731 8009
samuli.heikkinen (at)

Kuopion Muotoiluakatemia
Piispankatu 8
70100 Kuopio

Keski-Suomen luovien alojen kasvuohjelma project 2021–2023

Salme Salokannel
Project Manager
tel. 044 731 8004
salme.salokannel (at)

c/o Crazy Town
Kauppakatu 39
40100 Jyväskylä

Arvonlisää muotoilusta project 2019–2021

Heidi Smolander
Project Manager

Marika Linna
Project Manager

Muotoilusta kasvuvoimaa project 2018–2020

Tuulis Vartiainen
Project Manager