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Design help for businesses

Are you looking for design expertise and a faster way to develop unique solutions?

We connect design expertise with businesses. Areas of development can be, for example, your product, a package, a space, brand, customer experience, service process or purchase path. Our services suit businesses of all sizes, fields and locations.

You can also order creative quick help in the form of a FOB! Design Unit.

Design Unit: quick help for design


The growth of companies that have invested in design, compared to companies that have not invested in design.


Design thinking can revolutionize the way a business plans and produces services, products, processes and strategies.


Design can help find surprising solutions to problems with the production or service process. 


A design-based development service can help strengthen the competitive position of businesses by making the most of design expertise. 


Studies show that a company that uses design will increase its revenue twice as likely as a company that doesn't.


How does our service work?

Connecting designers and businesses

Through us, you will get the help of individual designers or design teams for a business challenge that can be solved by design.


We contact designers in our network to find the right individuals or design teams to help your business develop.

The areas of designers' expertise are

  • Industrial design
  • Graphic design
  • Space planning
  • Product design 
  • Service design
  • Packaging design
  • Business model design

Area of development

Tell us about the area you want to develop and the problem you want to solve:
Does your company need help in designing a product, usability, packaging, space, brand, customer experience, service process, or, for example, a purchase path?

Design Union ensures the management and organization of the project within the agreed schedule. Through our international partners, we can bring new open-minded views to projects.


Case Studies

Case: Laitilanmäki

KiMa Creative Oy designed a new look for Laitilanmäki's organic farm together with the company. The designers became familiar with organic production, farm practices, products and the client's views.

The design was based on cleanliness, clarity and the farm's animals. The project was designed together with the client. The resulting new graphic look is as clean and uncomplicated as the organic food produced by the farm.


The work was carried out by FOB! Team designers
Kirsi Miettinen and Marko Ausma

Case: Vetrea

Vetrea, the producer of care and wellness services, wanted to get rid of the institution-like look of their facilities. Designing a home-like environment for the residents was the starting point of the project.

The design team explored the functionality of the corridors and designed various indoor activities for residents and for visiting family members and grandchildren.

The plan to make the whole place more cozy and comfortable was illustrated by 3D images and the modeling of corridors and lounges.

The work was carried out by FOB! Team designers
Kirsi Miettinen, Jenni Åhman and Heidi Harmanen

Design Unit & FOB!
Emergency design help when your ideas aren't enough! 

When you need quick help for design, call the FOB-lance. The moving Design Unit gives you quick help for design and helps shake loose ideas that have got stuck. The Design Unit with its designers is an ideal solution for workshops, for example.

Currently the Design Unit is being used in our FOB! project.

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