DESIGN Kuopio Residency for designers 

DESIGN Kuopio Residency offers designers and artists the opportunity to live and work in an inspiring milieu right in the center of Kuopio and close to the area's magnificent nature.

Nature and services nearby

The residence is located right next to the Kuopio Academy of Design, in a brand new apartment building. The residence is a two-room apartment. Around the peaceful house, you will find downtown services, numerous beautiful parks and the beaches of Kallavesi. In addition, the premises of Kuopio Academy of Design, located in the idyllic Piispantalo, are available for use if necessary.

Rent and applying

The residence is leased primarily to designers and artists applying with a teaching or project plan for 1–4 weeks of work. The weekly rent is 200 €, and the montly rent is 600 €. The residence can also be rented for short-term work, in which case the rent is 70 € per day.

The DESIGN Kuopio Residency is applied for with a teaching or a project plan. We hope that the Resident Designer will teach at the Kuopio Academy of Design or do a small development project with companies in the North Savo region. Hourly wages are paid for teaching and project work. Kuopio Academy of Design offers the Resident Designer basic materials, working spaces and contacts for designers and professionals of creative fields in the area. Applications for residency will be accepted all year round.

Personal info

Project info

Plaster Room
Knitting and sewing tools
Photographstudio and tools
Computer class with full equipments and programs for designers
Printmaking Facilities
Ceramics Facilities
Woodworking Tools
a lecture
run a workshop
run a feedback studio for students or entrepreneurs

Residency inquiries
Ms Sari Satuli
sari.satuli (at)